March 12, 2010

El Perro Del Mar

I found out about El Perro Del Mar a few days ago and I'm totally diggin this song, "Change of Heart", featuring Lykke Li (love her). The video is amazing, images flow so well with the song. A bit eerie at first but then you realize how beautiful it is. Two muscular Hungarian men, making such delicate, erotic like movements, while covered in gold, sweet!
As far as her other songs, I don't know, a lil too depressing. Maybe they will grow on me or maybe I'll wait for her next album. She's quite interesting though and down to earth. Saw an interview with her, where she mentions the album was written during a really bad break up-that explains a lot.
Anyway, I'm in a really good mood today, got a new hair cut : ) Life is good! Have a wonderful weekend kiddies!

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